Work in Progress–Bootlegger Haze

I am currently working on editing my next novel, Bootlegger Haze, to be released on September 1, 2011.  The editing changes are minor, so that is going by fast.  

The story spans one hundred years, so trying to make my fiction historically accurate was a challenge.  I did use poetic license to have my characters act the way I think they would have wanted to act during that time period and still be believable. 

Several social issues are prevalent throughout the novel.  Slavery plays a huge role in the early development one of the main characters, August Jefferson.  The Post-Slavery period has a great impact on the other main character, Buford Tee Jefferson, as he witnesses a lynching, saves a war veteran from a deadly beating, and profits from Prohibition.  

I did a great deal of research for the book, relying heavily on the Internet for source material.  Doing the research for this book was time-consuming, yet very rewarding, as I feel I have a work that will entertain, inform, and expose readers to a world far removed from them.  They may even learn a bit of history. 

One of my short stories, Rock, is taken directly from Bootlegger Haze, so you will see Buford Tee again.  If you have read Trouble Down South and Other stories, a few of the short stories in the collection will be featured in Bootlegger Haze

Stay tuned for more updates on the Bootlegger Haze Launch Party Event!


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