Congratulations! Winner Announced for Contest #2 — Week Aug. 1 – 7

I am pleased to announce the winner for the second week’s contest in my six-week Bootlegger Haze Countdown to Launch Day Contest.

Rain Misoa

Congratulations to the winner!  Rain will receive a free ebook copy of Trouble Down South and Other Stories.  Thank you for participating this week.


Four More Weeks of the Six-Week Contest  (Countdown to Book Launch Day)

My latest novel Bootlegger Haze will go on sale on September 1, 2011.  To Celebrate the Publication, I Am Hosting Six Weeks of Contests/Giveaways for My Readers.  The Contests/Giveaways Will Be Announced on Each Monday of the Week Listed.  Winners Will Be Chosen and Posted to Blog on Each Sunday Following the Monday Contest Date.

Please enter each contest each week for a chance to win some wonderful prizes.   

Contests/Giveaways for the Week of August 8 – 14

Week August 8 – 14  (Winners Chosen and Announced on Blog on Sunday Aug. 14)

  • $10 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble)
  • What Should Buford Tee Do Contest? –Read the excerpt provided below. Write a response stating what Buford Tee should do in regards to this situation.

 Excerpt  — 1914 Mississippi

Buford Tee, who had been interested in Miss Carmelia, walked over to her, watching as she worked behind the counter serving whiskey and beer to the patrons. 

“How do?” Buford Tee said, smiling.

Miss Carmelia looked up at him and nodded and resumed her duties, washing shot glasses and cleaning off the bar countertop, a pine wood structure that seated four people.  Buford Tee sat on the bar stool and watched her work.

“Can I get a shot of whiskey?” Buford Tee asked.

Miss Carmelia poured a shot and slid it over to him, all without giving him a glance.

“Fifty cents,” she said, continuing to clean the shot glasses.

Buford Tee gulped it down and shook his head.  The brew was more potent than what August made, and harsher. 

“Another, please,” he said, the fiery liquid easing down his insides.

She slid him another shot, Buford Tee ingesting it with the same fervor as the first. 

“You from ‘round here?” Buford Tee asked.

Miss Carmelia said nothing.

“Uh…I said, you from ‘round here?” Buford Tee repeated.

“I heard you the first time,” Miss Carmelia said, her pungent voice like butter to Buford Tee’s ears. 

Buford waited for a reply.

“You trying to pick me up?” she asked with directness. 

“Well, uh, I…,” Buford Tee fumbled.

“Mister, I’m gone tell you like it is,” Miss Carmelia said bluntly, leaning forward and pointing toward the entrance of the joint.  See that fella over there.  That big, black, burly ape over there?  He been trained to tell my ex-husband about every man that grin in my face.  And my ex-husband.  He crazy. He’ll make it his business to hunt down that man and blow his brains out.  So I suggest you order what you want to drink and take it back to your friend over there, whose looking like he’s gone have a conniption because you trying to test some waters that done ran dry.”

Buford Tee didn’t know what to say.  He ordered another shot of whiskey, paid for all he had drunk, and took his drink back to his seat.

What should Buford Tee do?

  • Leave your answer in the comment box by Friday at Midnight EST to be entered into a drawing to win the gift card. Please make sure to leave an e-mail address and your full name with your comment.  
  • Receive an extra entry if you subscribe to the blog along with your comment.
  • Receive an extra entry by encouraging your friends to post their comment.  Make sure they state that “Your name (ie. Katrina Williams) referred me to this contest” along with their comment, their email address, and their full name.

10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Patti P on August 7, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    I would suggest that he sit back and ponder this for a bit…lol.
    He should find out who her ex-husband is and if travelling this path is a wise choice. If he finds he can not resist the lovely Miss Carmelia then he should approach said ex-husband and “feel him out” to see why he is so interested in his ex that he should be that jealous. Then he should find a way to woo the delectable Miss Carmelia and find their happily ever after.


    • Hi Patti P,

      Thanks for your suggestion for Buford Tee. That is wise advice for him. Let’s hope he takes it.

      You will find out what he does in Miss Carmelia Faye Lafayette and Bootlegger Haze on September 1, 2011.




  2. Buford Tee should slowy sip his drink while he continues to watch Carmelia Faye. He should then go back order another drink, slam it down for courage and ask her out.

    I subscribe to this blog
    Tina Wheatley


  3. Posted by Tanya Link on August 9, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Buford Tee obviously is smitten with this woman and a sense of danger is an aphrodisiac of sorts for a man. Carmelia Faye recommended/warned him to join his friend at the table but seemed to speak to him in sort of a “code”~test the waters that have run dry…. (could be my vivid imagination running away with me :0). Anyway. I would suggest Buford Tee return to the table, consult with his friend, inform him of the plan for good measure. Then he should order and pay for another drink (for my friend), slipping a note with a suggestion to go to a clandestine meeting place later that evening.

    Tanya Link


  4. Posted by Teresa Goff on August 9, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    I think Buford Tee should finish his drink and go home. But, I think he should come back the next night and a few nights after to see if the “big, black burley ape” is there every night. I think Miss Carmelia might be using that story to “test the waters” herself. To find out how intetested a man truly is!


  5. Posted by Rain Misoa on August 12, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Seeing as how Miss Carmelia at the moment is less than interested, Buford Tee should go back to his seat, keep a sharp eye out for her ex-husband, and plan things out accordingly. After all, nothing good can come from jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Once he has his bearings, as well as making sure he doesn’t put neither Miss Carmelia nor himself in danger, he can take the necessary steps a gentleman should when attracting a lady. Of course, Miss Carmelia seems to be an adamant woman… he might have to sweat tears and blood in order to get her attention. Here’s to hoping for a good relationship! Good luck Buford Tee!

    And good luck to everyone else who entered this contest! Thank you, Katrina, for the lovely giveaway/contest. It’s always so much fun to participate in these! ^_^


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