Congratulations! Winner Announced for Contest #3 — Week Aug. 8 – 14

I am pleased to announce the winner for the third week’s contest in my six-week Bootlegger Haze Countdown to Launch Day Contest.

Tanya Link

Congratulations to the winner!  Tanya will receive a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card.   Thank you for participating this week.


Three More Weeks of the Six-Week Contest  (Countdown to Book Launch Day)

My latest novel Bootlegger Haze will go on sale on September 1, 2011.  To Celebrate the Publication, I Am Hosting Six Weeks of Contests/Giveaways for My Readers.  The Contests/Giveaways Will Be Announced on Each Monday of the Week Listed.  Winners Will Be Chosen and Posted to Blog on Each Sunday Following the Monday Contest Date. 

Contests/Giveaways for the Week of August 15 – 21

Week August 15 – 21 (Winners Chosen and Announced on Blog on Sunday Aug. 21)

  • $15 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble)
  • Write an Introduction in 500 Words Contest—Read the excerpt provided below.

The man pulled his pistol from its holster, taking a step forward and aiming the gun at August and firing.  The bullet ricocheted off the wagon wheel, splitting it into splinters.  August ducked and at the same time fired the gun, hitting the man squarely in the chest. 

  • Leave your answer in the comment box by Friday at Midnight EST to be entered into a drawing to win the gift card. Please make sure to leave an e-mail address and your full name with your comment. 
  • Receive an extra entry if you subscribe to the blog along with your comment.
  • Receive an extra entry by encouraging your friends to post their comment.  Make sure they state that “Your name (ie. Katrina Williams) referred me to this contest” along with their comment, their email address, and their full name.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rain Misoa on August 19, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Congratulations to Tanya! ^_^

    There he was. The man that ruined everything for him. The man who took everything from him. The man called August. How hatred seethed from every pore of this man’s skin from just a glance given to August whilst he made his way down the dusty road. He had known him since childhood, and since childhood, he had wanted nothing more than to put an end to the miserable wretch for destroying his life.
    For as long as he could remember, he held a strong contempt for his half-brother. In his mind, August was a person who had everything given to him. To him, he felt the injustice of being the only one to work day in and day out whilst August only had to ask for something, anything, and it was granted. However, the man was blinded by greed, jealousy, and hatred so much; he failed to see that both him and August did a fair share in their father’s business.
    August, in reality, was a kind and gentle young man. He cared deeply for his half-brother, despite being the illegitimate son of a business man whose legitimate son despised him for even breathing. August never fully understood why his half-brother hated him so much. He assumed it was because his father shared a bed with a mulatto whilst still being married to his mother, but August never felt that should have hindered their relationship in the slightest. After all, what do the offspring have to do with what the parents decided to do? Right?
    If only it was that simple. This man, a fog of disdain floating off his very being, wanted nothing more than to end August’s life. And today would be the day he would end it with his own hands. He care not whether he would end up in jail or receive any type of punishment for his deeds. In fact, he was quite certain he can get away with it, too. No one is going to punish the son of a rich white man and a well-bred white woman for killing a… commoner. A worm. A Negro. He could do whatever he pleased with the maggot and no one, not a single living soul, can say a damn thing to him. No one could destroy what he had in mind.
    Slowly, as if too proud to be in a hurry, we walked down the road. He could see his target in the distance but still he refused to advance at a quicker pace. He had waited for this opportune moment for his entire life, and he was going to relish in it for as long as he could. He grinned, a chipped toothy smile, as he came within range of August. Without waiting for August to address him, he placed his hand firmly on the handle of his pistol. Before he prepared himself for the kill, one final gloomy thought passed his mind.
    “Now, I will take back everything you’ve taken from me, nigger!”

    And here’s my entry! Man, it was difficult to stay within the word limit! XD But that’s what made this challenging and I really did enjoy myself! ^_^ I would just like to say I mean no offense with this intro to the scene above. I simply wrote it for entertainment’s sake. I apologize in advance if offense is taken.

    Thank you so much for this contest! And good luck to everyone else who enters! ^_^


    • Wow! Rain, this is wonderful. I was looking forward to how readers would interpret that scene, and you did a wonderful job. Have you considered writing as a possible career? You should. Great piece. Thanks for participating. Katrina


      • Posted by Rain Misoa on August 19, 2011 at 7:39 pm

        Thank you so much for the kind words. They mean a lot to me! ^_^

        I really haven’t thought about writing as a career. I always had an interest in it but never really thought I had what it took in order to make an actual novel. I do plan on going into the publishing field as a translator (I love languages). Perhaps once I’m in the field, I might find myself doing something more than just translating. I hope so anyway.

        It was a pleasure to take part in this contest. Thanks so much for hosting it! 😀

      • I know you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. When you do write that novel, put me on your fan list. Thanks so much for entering the contest.

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