Week 4 — Contest Winner Announced!

Two More Weeks of the Six-Week Contest  (Countdown to Book Launch Day)

My latest novel Bootlegger Haze will go on sale on September 1, 2011.   To Celebrate the Publication, I Am Hosting Six Weeks of Contests/Giveaways for My Readers. 

 The Contests/Giveaways Will Be Announced on Each Monday of the Week Listed.   Winners Will Be Chosen and Posted to Blog on Each Sunday Following the Monday Contest Date.

Please enter each contest each week for a chance to win some wonderful prizes. 

Winner Announced!

I am pleased to announce the winner for the fourth week’s contest in my six-week Bootlegger Haze Countdown to Launch Day Contest.  Rain Misoa–Congratulations to the winner!  Rain will receive a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card.   Thank you for participating this week.


Week August  22 – 28  (Winners Chosen and Announced on Blog on Sunday Aug. 28)

  • $20 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble)
  • Finish the Story in 1000  Words or Less Contest—Write a conclusion to the excerpt below. 

On Friday, Avery pulled up in the yard in a bright blue 1928 Buick.  He stepped out, dressed in a light blue linen suit, a shirt, and matching colored shoes.  He even had on a dark blue polka dot tie. 

“He looks just like his rich pappy,” Elizabeth mumbled to herself.  “Gaudy and extravagant.”

Elizabeth was dressed in a lavender chiffon dress that fell at her slim ankles.  Her hair was pulled up into a bun, and her face glowed in the early evening light.

“You look wonderful,” Avery said, walking around the car and opening the door for her.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth said, getting into the car, Avery closing the door after her.

He rushed around to the driver’s side to get in.

“You two have fun, you here?” York shouted from the porch, throwing up his hand at Avery.

“Thank you, sir,” Avery responded courteously.

“Have her back at a decent hour,” York added.

“I will, sir,” Avery replied and got in the car.

“You really do look wonderful,” Avery told Elizabeth again.

“You said that already,” Elizabeth said sharply, not wanting to see the big, nauseating grin on her papa’s face anymore.  “Let’s go, please.”

“Oh, okay,” Avery said, backing the car out of the yard, York waving to them as they headed to the dance.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by greatmindsthinkaloudbookclub on August 21, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Elizabeth sat in the passenger seat with her arms crossed over her chest. She knew this made her papa so happy. Why was it that a woman’s misery could make a man so happy in these times.

    She let her mind wonder for the moment thinking the best thing to do was to get this over with and maybe she could dodge any future disappointment and Avery would just fade from her life. She’d much rather be going to the dance with Billy Sharp. A smile began to form at the thought of the bad boy from the wrong side of town.

    They’d been sneaking around now for months, taking every chance they could to get together. But she knew he wasn’t the type to go to a dance, and if her papa ever caught her with him he would be sure to tan her hide good.

    She glanced over at Avery and felt her nausea rise. Avery turned his head slightly and there was that grin again. The one she couldn’t stand. “I promise we’re gonna have a real good time Elizabeth.” There was something about the way he said that, that she didn’t care for at all.

    As they finally pulled up to the dance she looked around at all the other couples entering the dance hall and she sighed not at all looking forward to the evening ahead. When hey finally made it in after Avery made a big show of opening her door for her and playing the part of a true gentleman, the rest of the evening was spent trying to keep his hands from wondering in places she didn’t want them.

    She wished she could tell her daddy just how much of a pervert he was but she knew that a woman’s voice on such matters didn’t count for much. She just wanted this evening to be over with so she could go home and maybe still have time to sneak out to meet Billy Sharp. The thought served to calm her down a bit and she began to talk with a few of her girl friends as they came to hers and Avery’s table.

    Mary Baxter sat down with a glint in her eyes and grabbed Elizabeth’s hand as she whispered breathlessly. “Guess who I saw tonight walking down the road on the way here?”

    Elizabeth shook her head and glanced at Avery who was busy talking to Sam Tarp. “Who?” She became hopeful as she waited for Mary’s answer.

    “Billy Sharp, I don’t know what it is about him and I know if my ma and papa knew I even thought that way they’d skin me alive.” Mary looked like she’d almost be willing to take the skinning just to have Billy’s arms around her one time.

    Elizabeth of course, knew how that felt and she felt a little flutter in her stomach at the thought of the last time they had been together. She remembered how it felt that night in the clearing as she lay on his old wool jacket. The roughness of the tips of his fingers as they trailed over her bare thigh. He had been her first, and she was determined he’d be her only.

    Finally the dance was winding down and the announcement was made it was time to head out. It seemed she couldn’t get to the car fast enough and she even opened the door before Avery could maneuver around to do it for her.

    It was on that fateful trip home that she’d get a true taste of his real nature. Almost half way there Avery began to pull the car over to the side of the road. Elizabeth turned to look at his face and there was just something not right. “Avery…. what are you doing? Is there something wrong with the car?”

    His smile as he looked back at her told her everything she needed to know and he reached over intending to grasp her left breast. She could smell the booze on his breath, so that’s why he’d taken so many trips to the lavatory with his friends. She immediately placed her hand on his chest and pushed him back. “Avery Shephard! You take me home right now!”

    It was at that moment that things took a turn for the worse, his face distorted with anger he grabbed her by the shoulders pulling her forcefully toward him. She screamed and balled up a fist able to slip one shoulder free hitting him in the nose. He released her long enough to grab his nose and she found the door handle and bolted from the car. It didn’t take long until he was after her, calling her name.

    It was fate, or perhaps bad luck that Billy was still out and heard Avery. He came upon Elizabeth first, shaking and crying. “Shhh… take it easy now, I’m not gonna let him hurt you.” She nodded and buried her face in his chest. “You stay right here, hide behind this tree and I’ll take care of this.”

    Her eyes widened. “No.. Billy… he’ll kill you. He’s crazy.” Billy shook his head and told her to stay again before he took off trying to find Avery. It wasn’t long until he met up with him. Scared for Billy, Elizabeth followed and witnessed the first punch thrown by Avery. He caught Billy in the jaw and from there it evolved into a bloody fight. Billy tried hard to get Avery to settle down but he was determined to kill him. Elizabeth didn’t even remember when she picked up the rock, but she did remember the sound as she took the only clear shot she had and crushed Avery’s skull with it. As she realized what she’d done, she started to scream uncontrollably as Billy wrapped his arms around her trying hard to get her to quieten down.

    (I could go on of course, but I’m scared I may have already ran over my word limit! lol This was fun!)

    Kitty Bullard


    • Wow! Kitty, this is a fantastic conclusion to the excerpt. I love how you build up the intensity throughout the story and end with a surprise. I never expected Elizabeth to kill Avery. Loved it. Thanks so much for contributing. Katrina


  2. Posted by Rain Misoa on August 26, 2011 at 8:40 am

    He had no idea why he was being treated so harshly. All he ever wanted was to make Elizabeth happy. Avery was kind and sweet. He tried his hardest at everything he set his mind to and there was nothing he worked harder at than winning the affections of Elizabeth. Since the beginning of their relationship (he met her when they were both in elementary school), Avery always kept on York’s, Elizabeth’s father, good side. Knowing how strict and callous the man could be, Avery never did any wrong to give York any reason to keep his daughter away from him. No, his goal was to one day marry Elizabeth. He sacrificed everything for her. He did everything for her. He was always by her side, even when she didn’t want him to be. She was everything to him. There was one word that described him perfectly: Devotion.

    After all, he was a very nice young man.

    However, Elizabeth had other things in mind. She was wild and wanted nothing to do with Avery. She had a terrible relationship with her father so when she found out how much he approved of her being with Avery, on account of Avery’s father being a wealthy landowner and Avery being set for life more than actually liking his personality, she rebelled and kept as far away from Avery as possible. All she cared about was upsetting her father, going to parties, and being with a man who cared about her… but not in the way Avery cared. No. Never in a way Avery had cared about her.

    So there they were. Driving to a dance the hopeful chevalier was looking forward to for months with the one girl he had eyes on since childhood, ecstatic about her father giving him permission to take the glowing chrysanthemum. However, it wasn’t going the way he envisioned. Elizabeth hadn’t said a word since the cold reprimand mentioned whilst driving away from her house.

    He knew it wasn’t towards him. How could it? He was being a complete gentleman with her. If anything, it must be her way of acting out at her father again. Of course! That must be it. There was no other explanation. Elizabeth does have a rocky relationship with her father, after all. They must have had an argument of some sort. Perhaps she wanted a later curfew and her father gave no such consent. Yes! That must be it! How could he have been so blind? Elizabeth… the gem. He would do whatever was in his power to make her see that he was the only one that mattered at the moment. Him. And her. They are the only two that mattered most.

    “So, Elizabeth,” Avery said, his voice a bit shaky from addressing her directly for the first time in weeks. “Looking forward to the dance?” It was a poor attempt at starting a conversation but he had to start somewhere, right?

    “Was. Now that you’re taking me, I have no reason to rejoice,” came the cruel reply of his love.

    “Oh…” There was an awkward silence for a few minutes before he mustered up the courage to speak to her again. “It’s a lovely night, is—”

    “Do me a favor and shut it. I have enough problems to think about without you chattering away.”

    “My apologies. I was simply trying to—” but before he was able to finish, Elizabeth interrupted him once again.

    “Look. You know full well I want nothing to do with you. The only reason I’m going with you to this stupid thing is because my father forced me to go with you. He thinks you’re what’s best for me but he doesn’t know anything. I know what’s best and that’s all that matters. Now, shut the hell up and drive me to the bloody place.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    The rest of the ride, Avery didn’t utter a word. He pulled up in front of the building and tried once again to speak to Elizabeth. He had to make things right again if only to please her. However, he never got around to it. Right in front was none other than that boy Elizabeth had been seen with throughout town. Avery didn’t even know his name nor did he care to find out. All he cared about was him being there… and the bright smile Elizabeth displayed on her features when she saw him.

    “Good! He made it!”

    “What?” Avery glanced at her, confusion rattling his very being.

    “I asked him to come meet me here. I figured you’d find something else to do while I hung out with him. You don’t mind, do you?”

    “Well, I—”

    “Of course you don’t! I’ll meet you back here in a couple hours for you to take me home.” And without even saying goodbye, she jumped out of the car and into the arms of that boy.

    A burning hatred began to pour out of Avery’s countenance. He worked so hard for this moment. How could one PRICK show up and ruin everything in less than a second? Everything he worked so hard for?

    Images of Elizabeth and the boy by the riverbank started to plague his mind. Elizabeth. Lying on the ground, her legs spread wide, the boy in between them, pushing himself inside her, her moans growing louder with each thrust… no! NO! That can’t, that won’t happen. Not if he could help it.

    Avery opened the glove compartment to his car furiously and pulled out his father’s M1911 pistol. Holding the gun tenderly, he smiled ever so slightly, a peculiar look to his eyes, telling himself he was doing this to protect Elizabeth. Her name, her virtue, her everything. He loved her and he wanted to make sure she understood that. One way… or the other.

    After all, he was a very nice young man.

    (Okay! Here it is. Once again, it was very challenging trying to stay under the word limit but I managed to do it! Thank you so much for the contest. It was very fun indeed! Good luck to all the other participants! ^_^)


    • Rain, I thoroughy enjoyed your conclusion to the excerpt. You created a different personality for Elizabeth. Wow, is she bold! Thank you for sharing. I do believe we have a writer in our future. Thanks, Katrina


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