Saffina Desforges Presents… (The Kindle Coffee-Break Collection Vol. 1)

Hey Family and Friends,

I want to introduce you to Saffina Desforges, one half of the duo writing team (her writing partner Mark Williams).  Saffina Desforges is the Kindle-UK best-selling author of Sugar & Spice and Snow White: Book 1 of the the Rose Red crime thriller series.  Saffina has put together an anthology titled Saffina Desforges Presents… (The Kindle Coffee-Break Collection Vol. I of varied genre and varied length short stories. 

One of my short stories “Dust Storm” is featured in this anthology.  Of course, you know I am happy about that.  Please stop by AmazonUK and and pick up your copy. 

Saffina says:

If you’re like us, you’ll have found that since you got your e-reader you’ve be reading far more than you used to.

And while it’s great to snuggle up in a cozy chair for a few hours and read a great book in one sitting like in the good old days, (when a book was made of paper and ink – anyone out there old enough to remember?) with an e-reader in your pocket, briefcase or handbag you can now read anywhere, whenever you have fifteen minutes spare.

Of course unless you’re gifted in some way you can’t read a full length book in fifteen minutes, or in your lunch session, or your coffee break, or waiting at the dentist’s, or for the kids to come out of school. But you can read a short story.

There are a lot of short-story anthologies out there with different themes and genres, and if you want all sci-fi, or all romance, or all zombies then there’s plenty to choose from. But when we looked around for a variety pack – a pot-pourri of mixed genre short stories so as readers we could dip into what we fancied and try something new as well – we found a gap in the market.

So we got together with some of the finest new and previously published short-story authors and collated the Saffina Desforges Presents collection of varied genre and varied length short stories.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting this collection together.

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  1. Thank you Katrina, we really hope you enjoy it! 😉



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