Trestle Press Feature–Harry Charters Chronicles

 Trestle Press Feature
Harry Charters Chronicles by Graham Smith
Excerpt from Detecting Malicious Murder  I followed Bert for a week. He went nowhere special, often. He didn’t know me so I frequented the former speakeasy he drank in. It was a typical dive, the kind of place where the ceiling was hidden behind a fog of cigarette smoke. Hell maybe there was no ceiling. The patrons were all men who drank in silence; you could hear a slurp, the odd rustling as someone slipped unconscious from their stool to the floor. You could hear your hair grow but you’d never hear a conversation. Men came here to drink to forget. I’d have to remember this place. It suited me.
The door opened with a squeak; three heads turned from a room of twenty odd. It was the dame from the garage. She stood and gazed round before disappearing into the fug at the far end. I necked my sour mash mouthwash and moved to the bar which allowed my blurred vision a closer view.
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