Trestle Press Feature–11 The Hard Way

Trestle Press Feature
11 The Hard Way by Graham Smith
Excerpt from Shooting Stars
I nestled the butt of my Parker Hale M-85 against my shoulder and checked my range once more. I was perhaps half a degree off, so I adjusted the sights and peered once more through the telescopic sights.
Street artists were plying their public trade with gusto and aplomb. I could see jugglers, human statues and street dancers. A mime artist came into view pretending he was stuck behind a glass wall. God this guy was original! I’d never cared for mime artists. All that being stuck in a box or descending imaginary stairs bored me rigid and the stupid expressions on their faces were more nauseous than comical.
I lifted my aim to spot the flag blowing on the cinema’s roof. I used it to gauge the correction necessary for windage.
Some snipers modified their rifles. I had never been in favour of changing something so carefully crafted, so lovingly designed.
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