Trestle Press Feature–“The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name”

Trestle Press Feature

“The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name” by Michel R. Vaillancourt
… officially billed as a Steampunk Airship-Pirate Adventure-Romance

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Excerpt from “The Sauder Diaries–By Any Other Name”

They traded a few more stalemated blows as they circled, darted, leaped and dodged around the bow area and its assorted winch assemblies and mechanisms.

“Captain-Gunner… if I might be so bold…” he said as he traded a series of attacks and parries with her.


“Why are you trying to kill me?”

“Oh, Gospodin Sauder, I am not trying to kill you. If … oh, very nice attack … If I was trying to kill you, I would have just drawn my pistol and shot you in the back at the start of this,” she laughed, her ice blue eyes flashing in the golden rays of morning sunlight.

“Ah. I see. Well… that is somewhat comforting to know…” He paused momentarily as she forced him to use a shoulder-roll to avoid having his ribs bruised by her armoured knee. “So … what exactly is this beating about?”

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