Trestle Press Feature–It’s A Curse: Drunk on the Moon, Book 7

Trestle Press Feature

It’s A Curse: Drunk on the Moon, Book 7 by Paul D. Brazill

Excerpt from  It’s A Curse: Drunk on the Moon, Book 7

“Coffee.” I wished I had thrown a few more aspirins down my gullet but
another cup ought to sort that out. Duffy’s java had about five times the
strength of a normal brew. He claimed the beans had come from his cousin the
alchemist. On days like this, I almost believed him.

He slid a mug across the counter. “So, we gonna hear some wedding bells

A growl rumbled in my throat. The full moon was still days off, but the wolf
already ran under my skin. He never really left anymore.

“Come on, Roman. You were awfully friendly with her last night.”

This time I did snarl. “I don’t remember a thing.”

Duffy grinned. “You missed a good show. Those metal jockeys never had a

I let the hot black blast fill my throat and ignored him. The wasps in my
head were beginning to drown at last and a little silence would have aided
their demise. Unfortunately Duffy blathered on, a pointless tale of drunken
boasts, a damsel in distress and damage to the furniture that he blamed on







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  1. Thanks very much! A great story from K A Laity.


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