Trestle Press Feature–Chantal Boudreau Works

Trestle Press Feature

Chantal Boudreau

Masters & Renegades: Magic University(novel):


Excerpt From Masters & Renegades: Magic University

Reid stood to approach the stage, momentarily loosening his hold on Stiggle’s collar. Stiggle had already decided that the closest basin of flowers looked very much like lunch, and feeling the tension on his collar relax, made a break for it. He launched himself at the basin, coming to rest on the lip at its edge. Said basin was precariously perched on the top of a lopsided pillar, which had been recently repaired with somewhat sloppy and fragile results. The entire construct teetered and collapsed, dowsing the crowd with water, flowers, sawdust and ceramic shards – along with one soggy and bruised imp. Reid rushed over and scooped Stiggle from the pile of unhappy and damp ceremony attendees. Pulling a bag from his belt, Reid shook the water from the demonic creature and tossed its wriggling body inside. Ignoring its ear-piercing shrieks, he slung it over his shoulder and made for the stage, a determined look settling across his features.




Fervor (novel):


Excerpt from Fervor (novel):

Sam paused, letting his thoughts trickle out towards the blond haired boy to make sure that he was still asleep. There was only stillness there, so he continued.

“I can hear some of his thoughts sometimes, ones that he doesn’t want me to hear. He was thinking something earlier that made me wonder if you and I are going to be different from the Bigs, the ones that we’ll be living with, other than just in age and size. He thought something about the Bigs being chosen for this, and about the Littles being made. I couldn’t understand what he meant, but I think it was important.”

“Made…why would he be thinking something like that?”

Sarah whispered.

Her vacant stare looked out at the stars, and Sam felt a twinge of sympathy. He could not imagine how difficult this was for her. His issues seemed serious enough, and hers were worse.


Elevation (novel, sequel to Fervor):


Excerpt from Elevation (novel, sequel to Fervor):

He hunched over, frowning and running his hand through his light brown hair. There was something more that was disturbing Elliot, something that he wasn’t telling his younger companion.

“The means we use to interrogate that thug in the hover will be child’s play compared what they’ll do to you if they catch you,” he continued. “They have special tech devices for that, and drugs, too. They’ll rape your mind to get what they want, Royce, and once they have everything that they want from you, they’ll terminate you. They’ll terminate this experiment and all of its subjects, too, as soon as they realize that Fervor’s no longer within their control. That’s why we have to move fast. That’s why we have to get as many people off of this island as quickly as we can.”

Royce was silent. He stared at Elliot with suspicion and doubt, crossing his arms defensively.


Shear Terror(novelette):


Excerpt from Shear Terror (novellette)”

Sheryl’s father scratched his chin. “I’ve heard of a ram head-butting, or kicking, and sometimes the critters are known to nip, but nothing like this. Are you sure it was a sheep?”

Carla and Sheryl nodded. Before they could say anything more, Scott came sprinting down the beach.

“Dad! Dad!” he hollered. “Something’s seriously wrong with these sheep! Two of the ones we were chasing could barely move, staggering all over the place like they were disoriented and their legs were made of jell-o. There were bits falling off of them and they reeked like rotting meat. Kirk caught up to one and it turned on him. I’ve never seen a sheep maul anyone like that before. They’re rabid, dad, and aggressive. The thing hurt him so bad that we didn’t dare move him. I left Bryan back with him. You’ve got to come help.”


From Trestle Press–“The Ghost in the Mirror” (digital short):


Excerpt from “The Ghost in the Mirror”  (digital short):

“I need you, Nan,” she sighed.

As if responding to her plea, the image before her blurred somewhat like the room she was standing in had filled with a fog. A new face appeared in the mirror, hovering just above her shoulder but not a solid form. It was more of an outline, like a photograph that had been superimposed upon another.

Sonya gaped, trying to make out the face. It appeared to be a woman, and her hair was a soft gray like Nan’s had been, but it was styled slightly differently than the old woman had worn it. The face seemed familiar though, with the round cheeks and turned up nose that was common to all the women in Sonya’s family. What struck Sonya the most, however, was the smile. That was definitely Nan’s warm and inviting smile.


“It’s all about the Tourists” (digital short):


Excerpt from “It’s all about the Tourists” (digital short):

As Flash hooves finally clattered onto the smooth rock plateau at the summit of his climb, the dark skies behind him rumbled. Kirkondolius wrinkled his big red snout.

“Ugh! You don’t think it’s going to rain, do you? My scales curl in the damp.”

Flash raised his eyebrows and glanced over his shoulder.

“I hope not. The last time I got caught in a downpour while we were working, I was soaked by the time I got home. Flower said I smelled like wet dog and she wouldn’t touch me for a week.”

Kirkondolius’s frightening smile widened.

“With a track record like that, it’s a wonder you managed to knock her up.”

Flash gave him a derisive stare.

“You’re just jealous because you don’t even have a woman.” He had a feeling that Kirk would have blushed at being called on that, if he weren’t already bright red.


“Wicked, Weird and Wonderful – Weighing Fate” (digital short):


Excerpt from “Wicked, Weird and Wonderful – Weighing Fate” (digital short):

“That’s not evidence – it’s all anecdotal. You haven’t been able to test it scientifically, and there’s no way that you could,” George said, before biting into his burger. “Just because those events coincided doesn’t guarantee that they are related in any way. You just came to that conclusion because you wanted to be able to explain away unhappy happenings. We all do that, Adella. It’s easier to believe unfortunate events are tied to something so that they can be avoided by design, rather than admitting that they just happen by chance and we are completely at the whim of fate. I’m more of a realist. I don’t go for that poppycock. I accept the fact that sometimes shit happens. ” He smirked again, always playing the clown.

Adella rolled her eyes. “It seems insane I know, but you aren’t about to change my mind. I have karmic luck.”


“Wicked, Weird and Wonderful – Technopathy” (digital short):


Excerpt from “Wicked, Weird and Wonderful–Technopathy”

Light flooded into the darkness and Bertie raised his hand against the glare, following the sound of Spaz’s movement. When his eyes grew accustomed to the brightness again, he found himself in an abandoned warehouse, with clear evidence of the presence of squatters, in the form of bedding and a scattering of garbage. He glanced over at the only other person in the room. She was a thin girl with pasty skin and sunken dark eyes that stared at him through unkempt purple fringed bangs. She was dressed in dirty grey leggings that clung to her frail legs and made them look all the more thinner, fingerless dingy beige gloves that left her ragged fingernails showing, and a threadbare black hoodie that was obviously three sizes too big. The latter hung off her shoulders at an awkward angle and bunched in places where a properly fitted shirt would not bunch.


Insurance” (digital short):”


Excerpt from “Insurance”

The man smiled at this, a golden tooth exposed by this gesture and gleaming in the sun. He had a lean face, fox-like, with red hair, moustache and goatee. His small eyes were an unusually rich shade of brown – almost orange.

“Excellent,” the wealthy stranger remarked. “Do you mind if I watch as you work?”

“No, not at all, but I wouldn’t want you to get that fine suit dirty. It’s pretty greasy back there, Mr…?” Norm paused. The man had not mentioned a name.

“Now, now – no need to be so formal. The name is Louis, but my friends call me Lou. And never you mind about my cleanliness. I’ll stay standing for the most part, and should I choose to take my repose, I’ll be sure to use extra caution.”

The drawl was almost mesmerizing and not something you would expect to hear that far north.



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