Trestle Press Feature–Works by Joshua J. Mark

Trestle Press Feature

“Black Rose”

Flash fiction piece, `Black Rose’, published by Infective Ink on 20 December. Sarah Bain, a teenage girl, picks up a necklace she finds in a cemetery and finds life takes a bad turn afterwards until she goes to return it – and that’s when things turn even worse than she could have imagined. She needs the help of her friends Rebecca and James – but will they arrive in time?

The Girl From Yesterday – A novel read by author Joshua J. Mark


Paranormal YA novel by Joshua J. Mark, coming out through Trestle Press on 23 January.

This is me reading the first four pages of the piece. A brief synopsis:Rebecca Pender has never been to the small, haunted village of Galen’s Mills before in her life – or has she? Sent to live with her father in upstate New York, following her parent’s divorce, Rebecca can’t help feeling she’s seen the village before. Her feelings intensify after she visits the ruined mansion on the hill and the, even more, after she meets the strange girl, Clarice, with the faraway accent and the odd mannerisms. Rebecca begins to think she’s going crazy as she increasingly remembers events she knows she never lived through. In her determination to discover what’s going on in Galen’s Mills, and to find out the true identity of Clarice, Rebecca uncovers the mystery of the girl from yesterday.

Short Story “To Memory” published by EdgePiece Magazine in November:

Jack Hunter finds a picture in his attic from a day he once spent in the city with his friends from twenty years ago and time travels back to experience a single moment he will never forget.


Joshua J. Mark’s Brief Bio:

Joshua J. Mark is a freelance writer with over twenty years experience who has lived in Greece and Germany, traveled through Egypt and Scotland, and, presently, lives in upstate New York, USA with his family. His published works include `To Memory’ through Edge Piece Magazine, `Civil Serpents’ through Open Heart Publishing, `After the Funeral’ through Five Stop Stories, and `Black Rose’ through Infective Ink, as well as other stories through print and on-line. Mark is also a site moderator for and has been published in Ancient History Encyclopedia, where he writes primarily on Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt; Suite 101, writing on Ancient Philosophy and Ancient History; and inspirational non-fiction through Angels on the Earth and Pure Inspirational He is the author of `For the Sake of one Another: A Brief Introduction to Parkinson’s disease published by Hope for a Cure Foundation and his non-fiction piece, `The Storyteller’, was brought out by Adams Media in the anthology My Mom is My Hero. Mark holds advanced degrees in both English and Philosophy. He is a part-time teacher of philosophy and writing at Marist College where he is a recipient of the Faculty of the Year Award. His Paranormal Young Adult novel, The Girl From Yesterday, is soon to be published through Trestle Press on 23 January.


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