Valentine’s Day Horror Stories

Valentine’s Day Horror Stories

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  For many this is a very special day, filled with love and wonderful emotions.  Flowers, chocolates, perfumes, teddy bears, teddies, all are wonderful gifts for that special person in your life.  For many a date out on the town, a romantic dinner, a seductive night at home without the kids, all are beautiful ways of showing that special one in your life just how much you love him or her. 

However, there are some Valentine’s Days that are truly horrible.  From the dreaded break up to the crazed lover who refuses to let go of a relationship long since dead.  Horror stories.  For many people the horror stories make this beautiful holiday one of doom and gloom.

Take this horror story, for instance, from one of my short stories: “Toxic Lies” ( From my new series of short stories The Girlfriend Tales Series available at Amazon). 

Ellyn plans a Valentine’s Day celebration for her sister Maggie and her fiance Jameson, supposedly as a kind gesture of forgiveness.  Ellyn has created problems for them in the past as she has had a crush on Jameson since high school, some twenty or more years ago.  Jameson has never had an interest in Ellyn, having always like her sister Maggie.  Although Maggie married Chuck, her high school sweetheart, it ended in divorce, mainly because of Chuck’s abusive nature throughout the marriage.  Jameson and Maggie reconnected years later and plan to marry, and this is the reason, supposedly, Ellyn has planned the celebration.

Ellyn has ulterior motives as she plans to get Chuck and Maggie back together so that she can be with Jameson.  The flaw in her plan, however, is that Chuck is a ticking time bomb with a temper that is truly unpredictable, which has dior consequences for all family members involved. 

What a sister, huh?  When you have someone in your family that treats you like that, who needs an enemy, especially on Valentine’s Day?

Find out what happens to the family in “Toxic Lies ” (The Girlfriend Tales Series).


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