Free For All–World Literary Cafe


April 15 ONLY

21 free ebooks

The Free For All is a reader event featuring free Amazon Kindle books by WLC authors.

Free For All

1.  Joy Turner: Content…Right Where I Am. ASIN: B007GSTLUO

2. James Hockings: Surfing Vietnam. ASIN: B05NBLSFI

3. Susanne Lakin: Innocent Little Crimes. ASIN: B005WARQDM

4. Ria MacAlister: Heartshape Shards. ASIN: B007K7XYDQ

5. Billi Tiner: Welcome Home. ASIN: B006LM7XWY

6. Jessica Kristie: Dreaming in Darkness. ASIN: B005TAIHBO

7. Jennifer O’Neill: Inspiratational Quotes. ASIN: B007BTRADI

8. Jack Pierre: Note to Self (Young Adult Short Story). ASIN: B007IDK1R4

9. Rachelle Ayala: Michal’s Window. ASIN: B007CVT9F2

10. Ami Blackwelder: Shifters of 2040. ASIN: B00749U4WTM

11. Carolyn Arnold: Ties the Bind. ASIN: B00534KMQK

12. Martha Bourke: Jaguar Sun (Jaguar Sun Series Book 1) ASIN: B006V4XLUK

13. D.A. Graystone: Two Graves. ASIN: B0058DL08A

14. Terra Harmony: The Kindred Curse Anthology. ASIN: B005HAS32U

15. Beryl Silverman: Winds Rising. ASIN: B0072IWD6W

16. JJ Michael (June Sweeny): Path to Truth: A Spiritual Memoir. ASIN: B007R0P5A6

17. Carol Bodensteiner: Growing up Country. ASIN: B0047GNDYI

18. Bailey Bristol: The Devil’s Dime. ASIN: B00602L5PQ

19. Shawn Hopkins: Progeny. ASIN: B005ESZ1UM

20. Tim Vicary: Blood Upon The Rose. ASIN: B005ET2050

21. Melissa Foster: Chasing Amanda. ASIN: B004WF5202

Melissa Foster, MEGAN’S WAY ASIN: B002LISR7C



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