Read and Review–World Literary Cafe

Read & Review

Week of April 15-21

19 Titles (not a free book event)

The Read and Review is a great program — a week of exposure, and the featured books are offered to our staff of vetted reviewers for the full month. We have a staff of vetted reviewers who review the books throughout the month, and of course, we promote our own reviewers, but we are also promoting the reader reviews that come in from readers during that time. Any reader or blogger who reads and reviews the books will be promoted by at least 3 of the WLC accounts across Twitter – gaining free exposure. This helps our authors, too, of course. This month we have 19 books.


1. Debra Webb: Obsession. ASIN: B005YP4AHK

2. Wendy Young: Red Sky Warning. ASIN: B006EUIVFQ

3. George Hamilton: Secrets From The Dust. ASIN: B0046A9V7I

4. Marsha Cornelius: H10N1. ASIN: B005H3ESEO

5. R. Lynn Wilson: Maggie’s Fall. ASIN: B005YCZD3I

6. Arshad Ahsanuddin: Sunset. ASIN: B005SIXXB2

7. Thom Simonson: Trash. ASIN: B005PYVXAW

8. Stacey Joy Netzel: Lost in Italy. ASIN: B005QQBH4Q

9. Firas Janabi: ASIN: The Favour Men. ASIN: B006PDYPKM

10. Amy Manemann: Deadly Reunion. ASIN: B0058W0ALE

11. D.A. Graystone: The Schliemann Legacy. ASIN: B0058DVXTQ

12. Karen Glick: Questions in the Silence. ASIN: B005JEEQN4

13. Christine Cunningham: 30 Day Guide to apply Eternal Beginning. ASIN: B006S5BZBO

14. Natalie Wright: Emily’s House: Book 1 of the Akasha Chronicles. ASIN: B00641WC8C

15. Emma Calin: Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance. ASIN: B0051PJWB2

16. Beth Elisa Harris: Vision. ASIN: B0055PEU06

17. Maria Grazia Swan: Love Thy Sister. ASIN: B006LSEQG4

18. Linnette Eller: Cougar of Spirit Lake. ASIN: B0069865VA

19. Carlos Meza: Silicone. ASIN: B004CLYGGC

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