6 Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

6 Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog


Guest Post from Melanie Slaugh

While having compelling content is one of the key factors in crafting a successful blog, it isn’t the only defining piece. There are plenty of blogs out there that are chock full of good content that will never see the light of day, and there are also plenty of blogs that have managed to cultivate major success in a relatively short amount of time. So what differentiates the two? Why do some blogs pull in high readership numbers day after day while your blog is lucky to get even a handful of page views? Here are six reasons why people aren’t reading your blog:

1. Your pictures take too long to load– If it takes longer than 30 seconds for your page to load when people come to your blog because your pictures are too large then you’re going to immediately lose out on your potential audience. We live in a world that revolves around instant gratification, and no one wants to wait for each and every picture to upload so that they can read your post – there are thousands of other blogs out there with comparable content that load immediately. 

2. You aren’t consistent with your updates – Whether you post three times a day or once a week it’s important to have some sort of schedule in place so that your readers know when they can expect new posts from you. By knowing when to expect new posts they will regularly come back to read them.

3. There are no posts of value – While blogging in a journal-type fashion is fine if you aren’t interested in gaining a large readership, if you want to hook people in and have them keep coming back then you have to offer them something of value as well. Reliving your day is fine, but to really engage your readers you have to provide them with information that they can use as well.

4. Each post is just a solid block of text – The most successful blog posts are the ones that are broken into several paragraphs with different subtitles or are in list form. This is because solid blocks of text with no page breaks in them are overwhelming to read and people get bored fast. They need to be able to scan quickly and pick up key points with little to no trouble. 

5. You aren’t marketing your posts well – You can have the most well written posts in the world, but if no one ever sees them then it won’t matter. It’s unlikely that people are just going to stumble across your page from pure luck alone, which makes promoting your posts that much more important. Using social media like Twitter and Facebook are great ways to reach a large audience full of potential readers. 

6. Your GSP is lacking – Your English teacher wasn’t lying when s/he tried to impress the importance of grammar/spelling/punctuation on you. You would be surprised how many

people will stop reading a blog solely based on the fact that every post is full of grammatical errors and misspelled words. Taking the time to proof-read and spell-check your posts is time well spent. 

If your page views are lacking take a second to look over your blog and see if you’re making any of these common mistakes. Successful blogs are born not only from high quality content, but also high quality marketing skills. Once you harness both of those your blog will be unstoppable. 

Author Bio

Melanie Slaugh is enthusiastic about the growing prospects and opportunities of various industries and writing articles on various consumer goods and services as a freelance writer. She writes extensively for internet service providers and also topics related to internet service providers in my area for presenting the consumers, the information they need to choose the right Internet package for them. She can be reached at slaugh.slaugh907 @ gmail.com.

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