How to Write an Essay, Short Story, and Argumentative Essay

For those of you who do not know, I teach English grammar and composition at a community college.  What’s so interesting teaching adults is that they are very much like middle school or high school students in the sense that they have insecurities about their writing and grammar skills, just like any student would have. 

Many of the community college students I teach have been out of school one year, five years, and even as long as thirty years, so they have real fears that they have lost all of that knowledge they once knew or they will not be able to keep up with “those young kids fresh out of high school.”  They tend to compare themselves to the other students rather than relying not only on their knowledge but also on their life skills that those young students don’t necessarily have.  The life skills give them a slight advantage when it comes to critical thinking skills because they can probe their past experiences and determine the best solution to a problem or anticipate pitfalls that young students have no clue about.

Writing is also a frustrating task for many students, particularly the older students, because they believe they have lost those writing skills they once knew.  For this reason, I have written several ebooks on writing to help students just like these.  I wrote these ebooks in the manner in which I teach the skills to my students.  I learn by following step-by-step instructions, and I find that method works well for most students, especially students whose grammar and writing skills are weak. 

How to Write a Basic Essay in Seven Easy Steps: A Beginner’s Guide is designed to help students break down the various steps involved in writing an essay and tackle one task at a time.  My students tend to do well on essays where they write about topics they know a lot about, and when they are allowed to choose their own topics, I receive great essays.  They know themselves better than anyone else, so why wouldn’t they be able to write an essay that focused on themselves?

How to Write an Argumentative Essay is an extension of how to write a basic essay.  Because the argumentative format is somewhat specialized, meaning some elements must be included before it can be classified as an argumentative essay, students must understand some of the terminology related to the argumentative rhetorical mode.  These terms are defined and explained in the ebook along with directions on how to organize an argumentative essay.


How to Write a Short Story: A Beginner’s Guide is designed for the high school or college student as well as a beginning writer or author who wants to write essays of a creative nature, or in other words, short stories.  The basics of organizing a short story is outlined in this ebook in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. 

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