Earth, Wind, and Fire–One of My Favorite Groups

That’s the Way of the World–My favorite album by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Music shaped my childhood more than I ever knew.  I grew up listening to RP’s and LP’s of various groups.  One of my favorite was Earth, Wind, and Fire.  My favorite song of theirs was “Reasons.”  Maurice White–his voice was tight, and Phillip Bailey’s voice was unmatched in my mind, even to this day.  Boy, could he hit some “HIGH” notes.

I remember sitting in my brothers’ room after working a long day in the tobacco fields in the late seventies.  I would watch them primp in the mirror, tightening up their three-inch afros–I used to think the afro was the ugliest hairdo back then, but now I can see how iconic that style was for the seventies. 

My brothers would be preparing to go out to the clubs, wearing their airplane-collared shirts and platform shoes.  They’d have Earth, Wind, and Fire blaring from their eight-track cassette players.  Oh, how I loved their music.  Every time I hear Earth, Wind, and Fire, I am brought back to that time in my childhood that was so peaceful, fun, and carefree.

Many of the characters in my stories in Trouble Down South and Other Stories were inspired by the music of the sixties and seventies.  That music shaped my view of world, and as I created my characters, I instilled in them a love of music.  Read Katrina Parker Williams’ books to learn more about my favorite characters.

I love you Earth, Wind, and Fire.  You gave more to the world than you may never know. 


Check out some of their top hits below. 

“I Write a Song”  —

“Let’s Groove” —

“Boogie Wonderland”  —

“September”  —


2 responses to this post.

  1. I believe we are from the same era…Earth, wind, and fire is one of my favorite groups too 🙂


    • Hi Carol,

      Yes, I think we are. The 70’s and 80’s music are my all-time favorites. I listen to the oldies now. Not into much of the new music unless it is reminiscent of the old classics. Thanks for stopping by.


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