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Featured Author Post on RG2E

It is a bit strange how the idea for “Slave Auction” came into to being.  It started with my father.  He was a preacher, a farmer, and a strict disciplinarian.  Growing up on a farm gave me much time to daydream about faraway worlds and lands that I one day wanted to visit.  It also helped to make the hard, laborious workday go by faster.  Even though the work was strenuous at times, it did instill in me a strong work ethic.

Now that I am writing short stories and novels, I think back to the backbreaking work I used to do on my father’s farm, and I truly embrace working into the wee hours of the night, fleshing out the ideas rambling around in my head trying to find a window into my psyche and eventually into a storyline.  Some people call this “hard work.”  I say if you have ever worked on a farm, then sitting up half of the night writing is child’s play for me.  At least my muscles don’t ache, other than an occasional stiff neck from sitting in one position for too long.

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  1. Hi Katrina, Your story of inspiration inspires me, too! I grew up working in my father’s restaurant. When I look back on those days, life seems a little sweeter now!


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