Barbecue, Anyone?

I grew up in Eastern North Carolina on Eastern North Carolina barbecue.  Every fall my father would have a pig picking that was large enough to feed several of the families that lived on the rural route we lived on.  He’d spend all day cleaning the hogs, preparing them for barbecuing, selecting cuts of meat for freezing, and setting aside pork chops, freshly-made sausage, and pork shoulders for eating at the day’s end.

There have been many disagreements about which barbecue is best: Western-styled barbecue that is tomato-based or Eastern-styled barbecue that is vinegar-based.  I am partial to Eastern-styled barbecue as I grew up on it and believe it is what is defined as true barbecue.  Some well-known Eastern-styled barbecue joints that would tickle your taste buds are listed below.

Wilburs barbecueWilbur’s Barbecue in Goldsboro

B’s BBQ in Greenville

Pete’s BBQ in Ayden-Griften

Allen and Sons in Chapel Hill

Parker’s Barbecue in Wilson

Gardner’s Barbecue in Rocky Mount

Each restaurant has is own nuances from its barbecue to its cole slaw and hushpuppies and even to its addictive sweet tea.  No matter where you choose to dine, you will get a fill of Eastern North Carolina barbecue.

Read the Paupered Chef’s take on some North Carolina barbecue at this link:


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  1. Now, I’m hungry.


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