Church Hats–Not Just for Easter

This weekend my mom and aunt will be going to church in celebration of Easter.  They will be adorned in their usual regalia–a church hat, a dress or suit, and a matching purse and shoes.  In all my years of going to church, I never once witnessed a female member of our church stepping foot inside those sanctified doors without wearing a church hat.  That’s what we called them because that was the only time we’d see the women wearing the elaborate and ornately adorned hats that expressed their uniqueness.


Of course, those fancy hats didn’t go well by themselves.  They were paired up with a fine dress or suit, a decorative matching purse, and “killer” shoes.  And I do mean killer–by the time my mom would get home from church, she would have already kicked off the painful shoes in the car.  But she looked good!  Fine, elegant, and classy are all words I would use to describe her on church day.

Read a little history on the church hat at


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