Checkout My New Facebook Page and Blog!

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I would like to invite you to visit my new Facebook page Katrina’s Creative World.

I love to write, so you’ll be introduced to my writings and the works of other authors.  I love to draw and paint, and I will be sharing some of my favorite artwork with you as well as art that inspires me to be creative.  I love photography although I use my photographs for creative inspiration and to enhance my artwork.  In addition, I will share some of my favorite things, particularly anything that can be classified as art: food, fashion, jewelry, music, and anything in between.

Please consider liking my Facebook page and adding a comment on any posts on the page.  Also if you have a blog or Facebook page that you would like to share, please post it in a comment, and I will be glad to visit it and share it with my audience.

Also visit Katrina’s Creative World Blog and post a comment on the main page.  Looking forward to interacting with you on my Facebook page and blog.


Many blessings to you,

Katrina Parker Williams

Artist and Author


Also check out my other works.  Katrina Parker Williams’ Books Available at Amazon,  Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes)


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