I Would Want Queen Latifah to Play Miss Carmelia in My Novels Bootlegger Haze (Books One and Two)


This picture taken from the Queen Latifah Show website.


If you had your choice of actors or actresses to play the main characters in your books, who would you choose?  I would choose Queen Latifah to play Miss Carmelia Faye Lafayette, a Creole juke joint owner in my historical novels Bootlegger Haze (Books One and Two).


Bootlegger Haze--Book One

Bootlegger Haze--Book Two

Miss Carmelia Faye Lafayette is a tough-as-nails owner of an early 1900’s barrelhouse-turned-sophisticated juke joint called The Hankering in the Deep South of Mississippi. At the Hankering, there’s a lot of fighting and a great deal of drinking bootleg whiskey, particularly Miss Carmelia’s own homemade Cherry Whiskers. And when it’s all said and done, a lot of lovemaking.  The Hankering is a short story that was developed into the novels Bootlegger Haze (Books One and Two).

Miss Carmelia


I think Queen Latifah would make a wonderful Miss Carmelia.  If you liked her role in The Secret Life of Bees, you would understand why I think she would do well as Miss Carmelia.  She has a presence on screen, one that makes you feel for the character she is playing.  She tore my feelings to shreds when her character, August Boatright, finds her younger sister, May, dead at the wailing wall.  I felt her emotions and the heartrending loss.

Miss Carmelia is tough yet caring.  She also takes charge when she needs to and can take a man down if the situation calls for it.  Queen Latifah can play the tough role also.  Remember her character in Set It Off?  If something needs to be taken care of, she can do it.  Queen Latifah can definitely bring the character of Miss Carmelia to life.

I am on a mission to get Queen Latifah to play the role of Miss Carmelia in my novels Bootlegger Haze (Books One and Two).  Will you help me spread the word?



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