James Brown Movie–Get On Up

James Brown

James Brown

Picture Taken from The 60s Official Site

I went to see the James Brown movie “Get On Up.”  I did not go with any expectations except, hopefully, to enjoy a good depiction of a musical genius, James Brown.  I got exactly what I went there for: a good movie.

Picture Taken from Entertainment Weekly

Chadwick Boseman does a wonderful job of depicting the mannerisms, voice, and dance moves of James Brown.  I didn’t expect the movie to recreate the life of this famous man–I might have been in the movie theater for days in order for the movie to cover the highlights of his life.  Seventy-three years (James Brown’s age) on earth cannot be condensed into a two-hour movie.

One thing I enjoyed immensely was the way the musical selections were weaved throughout the movie.  Boseman’s seamless lip-syncing to James Browns’ lyrics and his energizing dance moves to songs such as “I Got the Feelin'” and “Get Up Offa That Thang” kept me glued to the big screen.

Below are some of James Browns’ greatest hits.  Take a listen and hear a legend at work.


 I Got the Feelin’

Please, Please, Please

This Is a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World

Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine

I Got You (I Feel Good)

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

The Big Payback

Try Me

Cold Sweat

Papa Don’t Take No Mess

Get Up Offa That Thang

“Get On Up” is a movie worth seeing, especially if you are a James Brown fan.  Great music, electrifying dance moves, and a good story depicting the life of a legend.


Anyone who has read my novel Liquor House Music can relate to the music discussed in the novel.  James Browns’ music is definitely the type of music played at liquor houses and juke joints in the South during the 60’s and 70’s.

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