Art Challenge–Painting No. 18

Trouble Down South Art Challenge

Painting No. 18

Day 18

August’s Moonshine Jug

My next paintings will deal with characters and scenes from my Bootlegger Haze (Books One and Two) for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with Leslie Saeta.

August Jefferson is a character from Bootlegger Haze (Book One-The Saga).   He learns how to make moonshine from his slave master, Francois.  Read more below.



Francois was originally from Kentucky and relocated to Mississippi soon after Everette married Francois’ sister Anne. His ancestors had settled in the Carolina Mountains and then migrated further south into Kentucky for better lands with rich soils for raising crops. They made their living primarily from farming, but in the slow months, they made whiskey from the surplus wheat, rye, and corn. Francois said his grandpapa made whiskey for medicinal purposes and not so much for drinking, but as the demand for spirits grew, his grandpapa’s sole means of income came from making whiskey, particularly for drinking. Francois learned his grandpapa’s whiskey-making operation and began making his own whiskey when he arrived in Mississippi.

No one in the county made whiskey better than Francois, and they were hard-pressed to find any cheaper than his in the surrounding counties. He had a monopoly on the spirit within a three-county radius. He shipped much of his liquor to New Orleans, his largest whiskey market. He would make his bi-weekly trips down the Pearl River into New Orleans. It would take him a day to go and return. As his business grew, he employed a sea captain and several hired hands to ship his cargo safely to and from New Orleans.

August had the duty of manning the whiskey still while Francois was away. It didn’t take August long to learn Francois’s whiskey-making operation, but Francois warned that he, nor any of the slaves, should partake in any of the spirits, lest they be whipped severely. On several occasions August would accompany Francois on his expeditions to New Orleans. August watched carefully and studied every aspect of Francois’s operation. He learned quickly. One day, once a free man, he would run his own whiskey-making operation. He wouldn’t flee, though. He had too much to lose.


Prints are available for purchase of the painting “August’s Moonshine Jug.”   Prints are available in sizes 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 16 x 20 inches (unframed).  Email Katrina Williams at stepartdesigns at hotmail dot com for prices.

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