Art Story #2–Approaching an Art Gallery

Art Stories

I will be posting a series of art stories to my blog that chronicles my journey as an artist and writer.

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Art Story #2–Approaching an Art Gallery

As an artist, approaching an art gallery is probably one of the most frightening tasks in an artist’s career.  You ask yourself questions such as…

  • Am I ready for gallery representation?
  • Am I even good enough to sell my art through a gallery?
  • What can I offer a art galleries to make them want to consider my work?

Mama's Beads  These questions and more flooded my head each time I summoned up the guts to approach an art gallery.  When I finally did contact an art gallery that interested me, I did my homework beforehand.  Homework?  Yes. I did some research on the gallery I was interested in representing my art.

New Elements Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina, is an art gallery that was established in 1985.  The gallery represents over 60 artists–both regionally and nationally recognized–and tends to focus on regional and locals artists, which was one point that intrigued me.  The gallery is located in Wilmington; coincidentally, it is one of my favorite cities to visit.  If I could move now, I would move to Wilmington, NC, as I am in love with visiting the beach.  Maybe one day, I can make that move to the beach.

Originally, New Elements Gallery was located on North Front Street in Wilmington, but in 2011, they moved to 201 Princess Street.  The building is one of the oldest in Wilmington, which used to be a county jail that dates back to 1795.

New Elements Gallery has been owned by Merrimon Kennedy since 1988. She has recently stepped down as gallery owner, and Miriam and Lance Oehrlein have taken over the gallery.  For seven years, Miriam Oehrlein has been exhibiting her own jewelry at New Elements.  The new owners state, “We hope to continue the grand reputation of the gallery by retaining our incredible artists, curating our clients’ collections, and providing the great service for which New Elements Gallery is known” (Star News Online).

The Gallery has leased art to the television and film industry for sets.  This is another reason I wanted to check out this gallery.  Listed below are some television programs to which gallery art has been leased.

  • Dawson’s Creek
  • One Tree Hill, Revolution
  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
  • Road to Rodanthe
  • Safe Haven

In conjunction with Fourth Fridays each month, New Elements offers exhibitions, featuring a different selection of their artists’ work, from paintings to sculpture to jewelry.  Some artists represented at New Elements are listed below.

New Elements is featuring three exhibitions this year.

From the research I have gathered, I am very interested in learning more about New Elements Gallery.  The artists represented are some of the best artists exhibiting work in North Carolina and, particularly, in Wilmington.  With new owners, it seems as if the legacy of New Elements Gallery will continue to live on.

Stay tuned for my next installment of art stories.


 Have you visited an art gallery, an art show, or an art festival?  Post your responses in the comment section below.


Cherries 3 Small 1, Contemporary Fine Art, Acrylic Painting

Cherries 3 Small 1, Contemporary Fine Art, Acrylic Painting


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