Art Story #3–August Is Artist Appreciation Month


In honor of Artist Appreciation Month, Patience Brewster is coordinating a project with fellow artists, I being one of them, that celebrates other artists who inspire us.  Patience Brewster is an artist who creates unique, hand-painted and handmade ornaments and gifts.  She designs all of the items in her collection, and she is best known for her handmade Christmas ornaments.  Visit her website to see more of her holiday collections.  Also follow her blog for updates and the latest news at Patience Brewster.

Several artists that have inspired me are Norman Rockwell, Soon Y. Warren, Marsha Chandler, and Rentia Coetzee.  There are many more, but these artists have helped me to develop my artistic style that is still always evolving.


Norman Rockwell was an artist and illustrator who used photography to bring his painting ideas to life.  He would often use props and models and photograph them, sometimes creating complete compositions, or he would use elements from different photographs to create his unique compositions for his paintings. I love the realism and technical precision of his cover illustrations he created for the Saturday Evening Post magazine.

Inspired by Rockwell, I like to take photographs of subjects I like to paint, particularly for my portrait paintings, which enable me to create realistic renderings of the subjects.


Whitney Houston Painting

Whitney Houston Painting


Soon Y. Warren and Marsha Chandler are two watercolor artists who do exquisite artwork.  The vibrant colors and intricate details of Warren’s crystal bowl paintings are breathtaking.

Baby's Breath Sprinkle-872835039

Chandler also does beautiful paintings; the vivid hues of her watercolor paintings seem to jump off the canvas.


Although these two artists use watercolor as their medium of choice, I use water mixable oil paints, thinned with linseed oil, to create watercolor effects in my paintings.  I am drawn to art that uses bold, vibrant colors and that reflect the beauty in simple things; for example, the faceted bead from a necklace, the rustic texture of a boot, or the reflective surface of glass bottles.

Mama's Beads


On a more personal level, the artist who has inspired me, most recently, is a friend I met through Facebook.  Her name is Rentia Coetzee, an artist from South Africa.  I was in awe of one of her paintings of a little boy that just spoke to my heart.  I kept looking at the painting several times and made a decision to purchase it.




She created another painting of another little boy, and I had a similar reaction—I just had to have that one too.  I have never felt that enamored by a painting before, a feeling that resonated with my spirit.  It was so strong that if I did not buy the painting at that time, I knew I would regret it.




Since then, we have built a friendship spanning thousands of miles. Her portraits evoke emotions in me that have never been tapped before.  Also she has encouraged me in my art endeavors and has offered helpful advice on techniques she has used in her paintings that have really motivated me to get my creative juices flowing.  I appreciate her so much.

There are many more artists that have provided inspiration for my paintings, too numerous to mention here.  Suffice to say, I draw inspiration from any piece artwork that has a strong composition and rich colors and that can evoke an emotion in me.

Thank you, Patience Brewster, for coordinating this project to share our inspiration for our artwork with our readers.


Cherries 3 Small 1, Contemporary Fine Art, Acrylic Painting

Cherries 3 Small 1, Contemporary Fine Art, Acrylic Painting


I am an artist and author of southern and historical fiction and short stories.

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Read my art blog:

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful work! I so enjoy your blog and your body of art work. Is it too late to get in on the drawing for a free portrait and an opportunity to purchase paintings?


    • Hi Patricia, thanks so much for the kind words. It is not too late to enter the drawing. Just email me your mailing address, and I will add you to the list to receive the paintings via email. If there is a painting you’d like to purchase, just reply to the email. The 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge will begin September 1, 2015. I will send a reminder a few days before it begins.

      Many thanks, Katrina


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